Shamana by Christene Von Lossberg
 This is for you too. If you want to have someone copy your poetry, stories or music and have them send it to you to sign and put a special message or  art work on there it is also something that can be done through the museum.  Use the Certificate of Authenticity and change the "print" to photograph, poem, music, story or whatever it is that you will be donating to the charity.  The art lover humanitarian will be copying your work and sending it to you like the prints with a love offering to you and to the charity of your choice or their choice.  This is simply planting a seed. They will have something special from you with your signature and certificate and will be a fan!  I bet they will purchase your originals and other products!  This museum is for paying it forward and supporting the creative people with donations.

Read all about it all on "How it Works"     I hope you all take advantage of creating your own personal websites on the  If that excites you go for it!!

Love, Christene

Just leave me a message if you have any questions!!