The State of Grace Museum of Artists for Charities was created on September 11, 2008 by artist Christine Von Lossberg as a gateway for artists to donate their prints for donations to charities and a love offering to them.  Everyone is welcome to join and be a part of this.  This is a game where everyone wins.  This is the way it works!

The artist  and the art lover/humanitarian are members of  State of Grace Museum of Artists for Charities

The artists allow the art lover to copy and print their art and send it to them with a SASE for signing.

The art lover includes two checks.  One is made out as a donation to the artist and written on the "FOR" the word  DONATION whatever they can give is fine, this is for people to give from the heart.

The art lover  makes another check out to the charity of their choice and donates what they can.  They put the check in a open envelope so that the artist can fill out the "FOR" on the check and write the name of the print and their name. They seal the SASE and mail it to the charity.

  The Artist signs the print that the art lover has printed on their printer on card stock paper preferably and the artist sends the print and the certificate of authenticity back to the art lover/humanitarian in the SASE that the art lover has sent. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)

That is the way.    Thank you so much to the Art Lover Humanitarians for flowing your donations to the artists and charities. You are a blessing to the world.