State of Grace Museum 
I am a member of the State of Grace Museum of Artists for Charities my name is________________________________

This is to certify that the print  named_________________________________________________is  DONATED. 

 The art lover and humanitarian charity giver is________________________________________________.  This

prints donation has been given freely to this charity__________________________________________by me and I 

have allowed them to have this art print for their collection. They donated $____________ for  this print.  They donated a love

offering to me  of $________________ for my survival as a artist for charities through The State of Grace Museum. 
 Signed_______________________________  Date_____________________Place____________________

This is my State of Grace Museum address_________________________________________
 Right click the above then copy and paste it in your Word document for printing and filling out to give to the art lover,  humanitarian with your signed and named print on the back.  Put into the SASE envelope with the print and send back  to them, you can add a something to make it more sturdy and put   ART HANDLE WITH CARE!  in the SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)  that they have sent you.  On the check to the charity,  write in the "FOR" line the name of your print and name then send the check to the charity in the addressed  and stamped  envelope they have provided.  That's it!