I wrote this in the State of Grace Forum and thought I would share it here..just a little background of how this came to be for me.
 Today is September 11, 2008 the seventh anniversary of the World Trade Centers and the launching of the State of Grace Museum of Artists and Charities to help the world though art and giving.

This is a little history. In 1983 on Valentine's Day while working as the receptionist of one of the world's biggest law firms in the Bank of America tower on the 44th floor. The twin towers of Los Angeles in the city of angels, the other one is the ARCO tower. I went downstairs to eat and there was an art show there given by master artist Micheal Whipple, now Sky Jones. Huge 9 x 12 foot paintings of floating Goddesses, the Madonna with baby Jesus surrounded by 2 huge protecting lions, and at least ten more big ones..just the most beautiful art I had ever seen by a living artist in LA. Nothing of this magnitude had ever come to Los Angeles that I knew of. At 33 I was pretty impressed by this 35 year old artist! He was giving everyone a beautiful poster of a red headed woman sitting with a flowered shawl in a golden throne. A white peacock behind her head and Guan Yin at her side. He was wearing a white suit and signed the beautiful posters and was giving them to all the people as a valentine gift. The line went all the way out the doors. Hundreds of people waited for their gift. I would do my art while answering the phone at the law firm and would make miniature drawings. I caught his eye and went to his assistant and model Suzi Fairy we called her because he made her a fairy sitting on one of the lions paws. I showed her my miniature fairies and gave them to her to show to Micheal. I went back upstairs and made him a beautiful Valentine to thank him for giving everyone such a beautiful gift and here was something for him, his Valentine. I went back and we met. He told me that I was doing in a microcasm what he was doing in a macrocasm. He loved my fairies! I was just so excited to have someone that great love what I did and he loved his valentine too. Fast forward to Venice Beach a few years later. We were living in the little house by the circle and creating art. I was selling my She Shells at the beach by donations and studying with him and helping him, and Micheal, now Sky Jones (he changed his name) was creating masses of art on a donated 5 foot high huge roll of paper with recycled paint from the paint recycling center that we went and got for free and loaded up my car. Amazing pieces. He was creating The Banker Art Museum and I was helping him do it. He told me many times that art is our currency. I watched as he traded his art for wonderful things, donating almost everything to charities and living meagerly and then living in huge warehouses converted into incredible beautiful places all from using his art as his currency. So, he told me that I have to create a museum too. Yes! Me too!! I went to the huge six inch dictionary and asked God/Goddess to help me with a name..It had to be right..this was going to be a museum for the living artists of today. The visionaries. So, I closed my eyes and ran my fingers up and down the side of the huge six inch red dictionary and stopped and opened and was pointing at


"the condition of being in receipt of divine favor"

I was so excited. I knew that God/Goddess had touched me, that this was to be something so huge.

So then he told me to make a logo. I did, a huge angel, dolphins, swans, someone running towards the huge angel in the sky and a cherub girl holding a paint brush sitting on a UFO on the front. Never finished it completely. I will be getting it and finishing it, but this logo I am using I think will do for now. It is The Angel Of Peace and Love. I drew this for the cover of a magazine called The Conscious Connection. I think it is right for now because this whole thing began under the twin towers of the City of Angels at that amazing Valentine show. Today being the seventh anniversary of the murder of all the Americans in the twin towers of the World Trade Center. This is for them and for all the charities in the world that us as artists can contribute our art for as little seeds to make it a better world. People can be connected to you and support you as an artist with whatever they can donate. This is all about donations or love offerings. Not about being taxed to pay for war, it is all about giving from the heart to make it a better world.

So, I finally figured out how to make this a reality and for FREE!!

I joined my space and made lots of amazing friends. I connected all the dots and had a vision of how the artists with their gift from God/Goddess can save the world through their creations.

We all have tried to copyright our art and go through all kinds of things having to put huge watermarks and big things on the art to protect it from some one taking it and reproducing it and stealing from us. It ruins the look of the art with the huge writings on it, but it did stop lots of people from stealing. Most of us didn't even bother, like me. I just trusted and now that trust has brought me to the vision.

Everyone who has a computer can right click save image as and they have it. Yes, they have the image..but what is the value of it if it is not signed with a certificate of authenticity?

The artist's signature is what creates the value of the art print. The living artist signs his art like it is their currency, which it is.
The certificate of authenticity validates that.

We as artists and with our currency, our signed art prints can save the planet with our creations and the artists can supported as well with love offerings.

The art lover and charity giver selects one our art pieces from this site or your my space site it is up to you. Copies and prints it on card stock paper and sends it to us with a self addressed stamped envelope and a love donation. In a separate envelope, addressed and stamped and "open" they write out a check to the charity of their choice. We as the artists, sign and name the print on the back and send it back to the art lover with a certificate of authenticity from the State of Grace Museum. We write our name/art piece name in the box on the check for the charity where it says "for" and mail the check to the charity.

The cycle is complete.
You can create your own Free website on www.yola.com if you wish, so easy and they help you, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for someone to make one for you anymore. You can create your own free you tube of your art using free software that comes with the computer. Movie maker, etc. You can create free slide shows on www.slide.com that can go on your website as well as the you tube. You can put the State of Grace badge on everything. It is up to you. If this excites you to do. You were given the gift to create and now you can use your gift to support the charities of the world with your own currency, your art, your creations, your gift from god/goddess and remain in a

State of Grace


 NOTE>>> THE MUSEUM HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR  ONE YEAR>> REOPENED October 16, 2011  December 1, 2016


Christine Joan Von Lossberg

aka Christene Von Heart the name given to me by Micheal Whipple/Sky Jones from the Banker's Art Museum,  I absolutely love it. I could change my name!!  XO